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HR Management System
  This system manages all the personnel and salaries tasks in any company, and the system most important features include:

Keeping complete data of all employees, salaries, deductions, and allowances
    Follows-up on staff attendance, leaves, and overtime
    Calculates salaries accurately, and prints the salary slip per employee
    Calculates the social security and income tax per employee
    Prints salaries sheet which is sent to the bank
    Keeps records of employees loans and automatically deducts payments from salaries
    Keeps records of employees' notices
    Makes all required calculations for employees who will leave the company
    Keeps records of employees who left the company in the Archive section
    Contains comprehensive management reports such as

- Salaries report for all employees or one employee for a specific period of time
- Staff report that contains all employees' information
- Leaves and holidays report
- Salary certificate for a specific employee
- Social security report

    Security system that gives the appropriate privileges for each user 
    Ease of use with the possibility of linking with the door clock and any new features.
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