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Aluminum Works System
  Aluminum Works System is a comprehensive program used to calculate the accurate cost of aluminum works, and prepare cutting lists of the glass and the different aluminum parts.  
  System features include:  
  Accurate calculations of aluminum parts and glass sheets used in projects.

  Cutting optimization of the aluminum parts using complicated calculations.

  The user only enters model, height, and width of a window, and system makes the required calculations to produce the cutting list of the window parts.
  The ability to add new windows models easily.

  Calculates the exact project cost by calculating of the cost of all windows parts plus labor and waste percentage.

  Reduces time spent on projects pricing significantly.

  Prints quotations that include windows shapes.

  The ability to print quotations using MS Word.

  Projects report by customer or project date.

  Quotations Query by customer or quotation number.

  Quotations details are saved for future reference.

  Security system for users based on passwords.

  System is available in English and Arabic Language.  
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