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Freight Management System

This system provides complete control over all activities in freight forwarding companies. Flexible and user friendly are among the system's main features.
This comprehensive system keeps track of all shipments, invoices, and payments; which helps the management take better decisions based on accurate information.

  System main features are:
    Keeps records of all air, sea, and land shipments
     Calculates shipments profit
     Generates customers' invoices
     Keeps track of all clients and agents records
     The ability to attach documents or images to shipments
     Organizes shipments data in an explorer like tree
     Calculates shipments rates according to weight and volume
     Multi currency
     Maintains shipments status in all stages
     Prints shipments' documents
     Prints houses shipments on pre-printed air waybills
     Includes complete accounting system
     Contains databases for airlines, ports, ocean carriers, international commodity types
     The ability to create and print quotations for customers
     Shipments' reports by type, date, client, agent, status, …
     Calculates salesmen commissions
     The ability to export reports to Excel, Word or PDF
     Runs on a local area network
     Controls access to system's screens depending on user's authorities
     Easy to implement and use
     Easy to expand and improve
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