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Law Firms Management System
  This system provides a comprehensive solution for managing all the tasks of law firms, its most important features include:
    Organizing the tasks and workflow for all lawyers in office.

    Reminds the users about the tasks that should be done.

    Keeping complete records of all cases and clients.

    Paper documents can be scanned and linked with cases.

    Contracts details are also saved in the system.

    Office manager can review the status of the tasks of each lawyer in the office.

    Office expenses and expenses related to cases are saved in the system.

    Payments received from clients or courts are also saved in the system.

    Easy to view previous cases in the form of a tree by names of clients

    The system includes many different administrative reports to facilitate access to data.
    Ability for more than one lawyer to work on the system through the local network.

    Property Management System that allows the lawyer to follow up on rented apartments and tenants' payments.

    Execution cases information is saved in the system including: clients names and payments amounts and dates.

    Security system that helps to give each user the appropriate authorities.

    Easy to use with the ability to add any new features.

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