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Kitchens Pricing System
  This system provides an integrated solution for calculating the cost of kitchens. The main features of the system include:

    Ease and speed of calculating the kitchen price by analyzing the AutoCAD file, and kitchen basic data such as: type of wood, type of granite, and accessories.

    High accuracy in calculating the cost of the kitchen, with room for discount.

    The kitchen's components can be changed at any time; the price will be re-calculated automatically.

    Address the issue of joint billing

    Kitchen design can be viewed in the system without the need for AutoCAD system to be installed.

    Full kitchen data is recorded such as: customer name, wood type, cabinets, accessories, granite, and accessories.

    Also, sales contracts data is saved in the system.
    Sales contracts can be exported to MS Word program, and can be edited and printed from Word.

    Wood, granite, and accessories prices can be changed easily and changes will affect the new pricings.

    Ability to export the pricing details to an Excel file.
    Comprehensive reports for all data files in the system, such as: Pricings Report, Sales Contracts Report, Customer Visits Report and other reports
    The ability to view the previous quotations in a tree-like explorer ordered by the names of customers.
    The system can work on a network of computers.
    Users' security system based on users' ids, passwords, and authorities.
    The ability of adding new features and reports.
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