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Phone Organizer System
  This system connects the telephone exchange (PBX) to PC, it follows up on the outgoing and incoming calls. All calls information is stored in the system such as:

Extension, called number, call date and time, duration, destination, and cost.

System can serve two types of companies, the first is hotels and furnished apartments, and second is any ordinary company.

System's main features:

    Works with all types of regular and digital switches.

    Calculates the cost of calls depending on cities and countries codes.

    Calls report by: extension, date, duration, destination and other fields.

    Calls can be grouped by departments.

    The possibility of distinguishing between business and personal.

    Old calls can be moved to history file which can also be viewed in reports.

    Callers' ids can be shown in the system if supported by the telephone exchange.

    Reliable system that works around the clock with no faults.

    A security system integrated with the powers given by the functional level of the user.

    Users' security system based on users' ids, passwords, and authorities.

    The ability of adding new features and reports.

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