...More   Aluminum Works System:    
Aluminum Works System is a comprehensive program used to calculate the accurate cost of aluminum works, and prepare cutting lists of the glass and the different aluminum parts.
Accurate calculations of aluminum parts and glass sheets used in projects.    
Cutting optimization of the aluminum parts using complicated calculations.
...More   Properties Management System:    
This system manages all tasks related to properties, real estate and commercial complexes, in addition to comprehensive and accurate reports. It includes the following features:
Keeps track of all properties information such as: type, area, location, and photo.
Keeps full records of rent contracts, tenants, and payments.
Prints rent contracts from the system.    
Addresses the common water and electricity invoices issue.    
...More   Cars Organizer System:    
This system is a fleet management solution designed to help all organizations that own a number of vehicles. It has the following features:
Keeps records of all vehicles information such as: plate number, type, model, driver's name, insurance date, and other data.
Meter readings of each vehicle are entered daily.
The system records all vehicles transactions including: fuel, accidents, traffic fines, oil change, and other transactions. style="height: 10px">    
...More   School Management System    
This system covers all the aspects of private schools management, it contains the following features:
Keeps full records of students and parents data including: name, stage, grade, address, fees, discount, transportation, … etc.
Stores general data of the school such as: stages, classes, buses, fees, and discount types
Records all students payments with the ability to link to an accounting system
...More   Kitchens Pricing System    
This system provides an integrated solution for calculating the cost of kitchens. The main features of the system include:    
Ease and speed of calculating the kitchen price by analyzing the AutoCAD file, and kitchen basic data such as: type of wood, type of granite, and accessories.    
• High accuracy in calculating the cost of the kitchen, with room for discount
...More   Freight Management System    
This system provides complete control over all activities in freight forwarding companies. Flexible and user friendly are among the system's main features.

This comprehensive system keeps track of all shipments, invoices, and payments; which helps the management take better decisions based on accurate information. System main features are:
• Keeps records of all air, sea, and land shipments    
• Calculates shipments profit
...More   Law Firms Management System    
This system provides a comprehensive solution for managing all the tasks of law firms, its most important features include:    

Organizing the tasks and workflow for all lawyers in office.
Reminds the users about the tasks that should be done.
Keeping complete records of all cases and clients.
Paper documents can be scanned and linked with cases.
...More   Real Estate Office System    
This system covers all aspects of the real estate offices. Some of the system main features are as follows:    
Fast search for available lands for sale by region, area (from - to), or price (from - to).  
 Fast search for available apartments by type (for sale or lease), status (furnished or unfurnished), region, area (from - to), price (from - to), floor, number of rooms, or number of baths.    
Photos of apartments are saved in the system.    
...More   Phone Organizer System    
This system connects the telephone exchange (PBX) to PC, it follows up on the outgoing and incoming calls. All calls information is stored in the system such as: extension, called number, call date and time, duration, destination, and cost.

System can serve two types of companies, the first is hotels and furnished apartments, and second is any ordinary company.
...More   Golden Accounting System    
This system organizes all tasks related to accounting in any company. It also has comprehensive and accurate reports. The main features of the system are:    
Flexible and easy to build tree of accounts.
Easy to use vouchers, receipts, and other accounting transactions.
Accurate financial status at any time of the year.
Full search on vouchers by number, name, or other fields.

HR Management System                      

This system manages all the personnel and salaries tasks in any company, and the system most important features include:

System main features are:
  Keeping complete data of all employees, salaries, deductions, and allowances
    Follows-up on staff attendance, leaves, and overtime  
    Calculates salaries accurately, and prints the salary slip per employee  
    Calculates the social security and income tax per employee  

Construction Works System       

This system manages all the activities of building companies; and provides the management with full reports about the cost and revenue.

System main features are:
  Records the details of contractors' payments.
    Records the details of amounts paid to suppliers of building materials.  
    Also keeps records of all governmental expenses.  
    Records all other expenses such as accounting expenses, workers wages, hospitality and others.